Tips on How to Install Barn Doors

Sliding barn door hardware kitsSliding Barn Door Hardware Kit Stainless Steel Townhouse Track Hardware for Decorative Wood Door in Living Room are often preferred by farmers as they make possible in all weather conditions, easy access to abrasion and can can be left open or closed as needs require. Also sliding barn doors often serve indoor needs, alternatively, as traditional doors or separators. When you purchase your hardware, follow all instructions of the kit. The steps below will provide you with a simple outline for hanging a barn door hardware or a sliding barn door.


1. Measure and cut two lengths of mounting plate for each barn door.

• The plates have to be the same length as the doors and about 1 inch (or 4cm ) wider than the track.

• Attach the mounting boards on the top and bottom of the door opening with the aid of drywall anchors, and to ensure that the mounting planks walk straight along the door openings.

2. Measure and cut two pieces of track for each barn door.

• Use joint brackets attach to track sections as needed. The tracks must be exactly as long as the sections where you want to push the door.

• If in the case of hanging two barn doors hardware or of two sliding doors, then you should take note that the width then will be twice as the case of a single barn door, so you have two doors that can slide together on one track. If installing only one door, the track may be only as wide as the door, but keep in mind that you’ll want to track up to about twice the length of the door, so you can access it at all.

• They should each be 6 inches (or 15cm) or approximately so, and placed in the middle of the track. If your trace is associated with softer or weaker material, measuring more holes will be necessary.

3. Drill the holes in the tracks, be cautious at this instance.

4. Install the track shelves on the assembly.

5. Drill through the holes on the barn door track in the mounting shelves so that it can be visible enough. Then use of spacers and bolts to secure the tracks to the mounting boards through these holes.

6. Turn the hanging scrolls according to the instructions on the doors.

7. Confirm any washers and nuts at the doors. Make sure they are tight.

8. Mount the doors following the instructions that accompany them.

9. Test the door by sliding it back and forth a few times, looking to see if the mounting plates and tracks are protected when the doors wobble in their path.

What You Need:

Mounting Boards
Washers and Bolts (with Barn Doors)
Dry Wall Fasteners
Joint Brackets
Chain Roller

Additional accessories such as knobs, pulls and floor guides are also available to customize the look of your door.